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- This is a comedy OVA that arrived out in 2002 to mainly adverse critiques. It is centered about the after college cosplay club at East Oizumi Academy. The ladies inside the club exercise so which they may well one day have the capacity to contend in cosplay competitions.

- While in the opening scene, a mosquito lands on top of Eek’s nose. Two spiders seeking their following meal spot the likely meal and head around to feast, but their steps are cut quick via the Mother character showing out of nowhere and unknowingly measures on both equally of these.

- Arnold is about to have the honour of remaining the initial kid to get one of many Rocky Awards at the once-a-year Granite Awards. Even so, he has an embarrassing predicament. For good reasons which can be hardly ever just explained, Arnold has eaten only Seaweedies for per month and it has As a result turned orange. ("It really is my favourite color; apart from when It truly is my very own skin.") He then asks, "What is the difference between my skin and say, Phoebe's?

- Lucy’s Dad is digging up the Meadow to develop a Cow pen, which threatens the Little Kingdom. The Fairies and Elves Check out different ways to halt him with the help of Lucy whom wonders about kingdom with them as she towers about the citizens. Toward the tip, they plan to get Lucy’s mom to aid quit the Cow pen getting built.

- Each episode of this anime has another closing sequence. For this episode, a small cartoonish Kousaku finds himself on various portions of the various feminine people of the present, such as between their boobs or on their own noses. YouTube video of whole episode, setting up at GTS scenes

- A two minute short pursuing a youthful Female named Pandora, who comes into connection with a box (Pandora's Box, get it?) and the monster within. The monster attempts to scare Pandora, who is only amused through the creature and triggers him grief as a substitute along with her playful antics.

- Desiree returns just as Danny and Sam get into a fight. Sam unwittingly wishes that she never met Danny which Desiree grants which ends up in Danny and Tucker not figuring out who Sam is and Danny hardly ever getting his ghost powers. It seems that Sam was The rationale why Danny acquired his ghost powers so she now should Danny to get back his powers.

- One of the fairies cast a increasing spell around the Instructor Mrs Fig which triggers her to improve taller than the trees encompassing them. Another fairy casts a shrinking spell on her and it causes her to shrink until eventually she can't be seen. Quickly after that Nanny Plum restores Mrs Fig to her normal Visit Your URL dimension.

- The very small white angel pet a cat (It is an enormous cat for her measurement) and she or he takes advantage of it for a horse if I remeber.

- Lola, a completely new female dinosaur, is found out, earning Lucy content she is not the only Lady any more. Bizarre items start taking place for the gang with Lola about, and it does not acquire prolonged to understand that Lola is working for Skor.

- Gekka wreaks havoc over a small water sprite and inevitably crushes it. YouTube online video of GTS sighting

- In this episode, Eiichi is shrunk by a device much like Doraemon’s micro flash. As anticipated, he contains a shrunken misadventure. At just one stage, he’s approached by two of his good friends, Miyoko and an unknown Lady. I do not know whatever they say (as it’s in Japanese with no subtitles) but they appear to be fascinated at Eiichi’s existing top. The unnamed Woman picks him up by his shirt collar and gets a much better check out small Eiichi. Miyoko suggests something which may well suggest they put him again down and Enable him be on his way.

- At the beginning of your episode, Timmy and his good friends Check out their new h2o balloon catapult on many targets. They Every elect to catapult other issues so when Timmy’s pals depart, his Fairy God Mom and dad pop up inquiring him what he plans on utilizing for the catapult. He then exhibits him an outdated Crimson Chin motion figure which he plans on making use of. After a converse above anywhere he want to utilize it or not, Timmy made a would like that he could Engage in with it just one previous time.

- Lastly, We've got the enormous girl who comes about to get part of The federal government's Giant Squad (who appeared during the war amongst Whitebeard along with the governement).

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